2018 King Apple Parade Results

Congratulations to all participants of the 70th annual King Apple Parade! Winners were selected in the following categories: Royalty, Youth, Commercial and Band (classes A, B and C).



1st Place: Oktoberfest

2nd Place: Mardi Gras

3rd Place: Saint Paul Winter Carnival



1st Place: La Crescent Hockey Association

2nd Place: P.E.G

3rd Place: Courage



1st Place: Mark’s Paint & Repair

2nd Place: La Crescent Animal Care

3rd Place: Acentek



Class C:

1st: Aquinas HS

2nd: Spring Grove HS

3rd: Cashton HS

Class B:

1st Place: West Salem HS

2nd Place: La Crescent HS


Class A:

1st Place: Onalaska HS

2nd Place: Holmen HS


Plaques/awards can be picked up at the King Apple Tent Sunday following the parade, or the plaques will be mailed to the winners.