Did you know that the La Crescent Apple Festival, established in 1949, is one of our region’s longest running community festivals?

As part of this year’s special 75th-anniversary celebration, Applefest Alumni (past members of the Board of Directors) are holding a trivia contest to share fun facts about Applefest and our community’s apple industry and to engage the public in preparation for this year’s extra-special La Crescent Apple Festival, to be held September 15-17, 2023. We’ve been posting questions since April and have already awarded some mid-promotion prizes. The contest closed on Tuesday, September 12 at 5:00 pm.

The winners are:

1st place ($500): Tim Grupa
2nd place ($200): Ashley Lorenz
3rd place ($100): Yvette Stotesbery
All winners have been notified via email.

Current members of the La Crescent Apple Festival Board of Directors or Applefest Alumni are not eligible to participate.

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Past Trivia Questions & Answers

WEEK #1: April 16-22

Who is credited for starting LaCrescent Apple orchards?


WEEK #2: April 23-29

Who was La Crescent’s First Apple Festival Queen?



WEEK #3: April 30-May 6

In what year were there camel rides near the swimming pool during Apple Fest?


WEEK #4: May 7-13

Which year did Apple Festival raise funds for the La Crescent High School football field?




WEEK #5: May 14-20

In 1955, how many orchards were members of the La Crescent Apple Growers Association?



WEEK #6: May 21-27

A mother and daughter were Miss La Crescent Apple Festival Queen in different years. What were both of their names?Donna Lintelman (1949) and Nancy Reihl (1969)


WEEK #7: May 28-June 4

What famous newscaster did a live broadcast from Applefest?

Paul Harvey

WEEK #8: June 4-10

How many miles long is the Apple Blossom Scenic Byway?


WEEK #9: June 11-17

What year did the Apple Annies begin?


WEEK #10: June 18-24

Who was the first Apple Annie?

Joyce Beilke


WEEK #11: June 25-July 2nd

Where was the first Apple Festival carnival held?

Main Street in front of City Hall

WEEK #12: July 2-July 9

What presidential candidate was given a bushel of apples by Apple Fest board members at the La Crosse airport?

John F. Kennedy

WEEK #13: July 9-15

What heavyweight boxer rode in the Apple Festival parade?

Jack Dempsey


WEEK #14: July 16-22

What business sponsored the first Apple Festival float that included King Apple?

The Ranch Motel


WEEK #15: July 23-29

What is the name of the first beer made in honor of La Crescent’s Apple Festival?

Applefest Appleweizin

WEEK #16: July 30-August 5

What was the name of the first drum and bugle corps in the Apple Festival parade?

The Apple Arrows

WEEK #17: August 6-13

What year’s Applefest button did not have a date on it?


WEEK #18: August 13-19

What local apple orchard created Purple Reign hard cider?

Hoch Organic Orchards (Nodine, MN)

WEEK #19: August 20-26

Q: In whose basement was the idea for the La Crescent Apple Festival conceived?

A: Mel Hickenbothem’s (with Ralph Jones)

WEEK #20: August 27 to September 2

Q: What was the name of the implement and orchard supply dealer in La Crescent?

A: La Crescent Farm & Orchard.

WEEK #21: September 3-9

Q: What was La Crescent’s population in 1950?

A: 1,229


Q: In what year did the city of La Crescent officially register the title “Apple Capital of Minnesota”?

A: 2002