Little King / Little Miss Committee

  • The Little King / Little Miss program is open to boys and girls ages 4 and 5.
  • Candidates will be escorted onstage and announced to family and friends.
  • This is NOT a judged pageant. Instead, all contestants’ names are placed in a hat and winners are drawn.
To ensure that your child’s picture is included in the Houston County News, applications must be submitted by 5 PM on Friday, September 9th. Parent information letters will be emailed/mailed by the Tuesday of fest week. If you do not receive your letter, please call 608-781-2500 during the day or email

To compete in the Little King / Little Miss program, complete the registration form below:

Online Registration

  • Please upload a head shot that can be used in the Houston County Paper the week before Applefest. (Note: Large file sizes may take a while to upload. A Thank You page will appear when successful.)

Contact Information

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