Apple Annie

2019 Applefest Board Members

About Apple Annies

The Apple Annies are the Goodwill Ambassadors of Song for the City of La Crescent and the La Crescent Applefest.

Each year, a new Annie is selected at the annual Apple Annie Cabaret.  The new Annie, along with Annies from previous years, performs at events in the Seven Rivers area throughout the year.

Apple Annies donate their time and travel expenses for their performances.  The Annies would like to give a special thank you to Merchants Bank for their continued sponsorship of the Apples Annies.  We also thank the individuals and businesses who have donated money to cover the cost of equipment, accompanists, and other expenses.

2019 Applefest Board Members

Could you be the next Apple Annie?

The Apple Annie contest is open to women who are 26 years of age or older. Apple Annie is a singer and entertainer. The Cabaret and contest will be held on Friday, August 18 at the Pettibone Resort, at 6:30 pm.  Each candidate will be asked to prepare three songs. Two will be used for the contest with the third used in case of a tie. Copies of your music should be submitted with your application for our accompanist to practice.  Please contact us for more information!

Click the link below for additional details regarding the Apple Annie contest, including the contest application and agreement.




Apple Annie Agreement and Application

Download the application form using the button below.

For information regarding the Apple Annie contest, please contact Gwynne Mishler:
Phone: (507) 236-5715

Apple Annies at Your Event

The Apple Annies perform at many events within the Seven Rivers region throughout the year.  These events include parades, festivals, nursing homes, private events, and community events. 

For booking information, please contact Gwynne Mishler: 
Phone: (507) 236-5715

History of Apple Annies

  • 1985 Joyce Bielke
  • 1986 Delores Mechtel-Burg
  • 1987 Sue Bain
  • 1988 Nancy Kohlmeyer
  • 1989 Deb Dornack
  • 1990 Mo Breuer
  • 1991 Hazel Desmond
  • 1992 Louise Keenan
  • 1993 Carolyn Nelson
  • 1994 Lisa Olson
  • 1995 Becky Wilhelm
  • 1996 Mary Lehrman
  • 1997 Marlene “Bean” Boehmke
  • 1998 Jo LaFleur
  • 1999 Joey Wilde
  • 2000 Lynnette Wirth
  • 2001 Sue Ramsett-Kretz
  • 2002 Tami Rae Weiss
  • 2003 Barb Carlson
  • 2004 Liz Weber
  • 2005 Sue LaCrosse
  • 2006 Linda Manning
  • 2007 Linda Bechly
  • 2008 Nita Wagner
  • 2009 Robin Hinton
  • 2010 Kathy Curti
  • 2011 Holly Jo Schamens
  • 2012 Joan Waniger
  • 2013 Chandra Cox
  • 2014 Sarah Severson
  • 2015 Gwynne Mishler
  • 2016 Greta Goetting
  • 2017 Lisa Urban
  • 2018 Barbara Martin Stanley
  • 2019 Diane Abnet
  • 2020 Michelle Johnson
  • 2021 Kim Sikkema
  • 2022: Sue Bluske 
  • 2023: Sara Isbell
  • 2024: