Board of Directors

2024 Applefest Board Members

  • President: Robin
  • Vice President: Justine
  • Treasurer: Amy
  • Secretary: Kailey
  • Director: Vickie 
  • Director: Kim 
  • Director: Ryan
  • Director: Trever
  • Director: Heather 
  • Director: Marie 
  • Director: Heather 
  • Director: Kathy 
  • Director: David 
  • Director: Lisa 
  • Director: Lucas 
  • Director: Allie
  • Director: Hannah

Since 1958, La Crescent Apple Festival has operated under the guidance of its volunteer Board of Directors. The Board of Directors plays a key and valuable role in the planning of Applefest and the promoting of the City of La Crescent and its Apple Industry.

The Applefest Board of Directors oversees all financial and operational aspects of the Applefest, including planning the various events that occur before and during Applefest weekend. In addition, the Applefest Board of Directors escorts Miss La Crescent and her court to parades and other events throughout the year.

The Applefest Board of Directors can have up to 21 voting members serving at a time. Couples may choose to join as one vote or as separate vote. One to three year terms are available. Applefest is open to anyone who is 21 years of age or older.

Our Board of Directors are a special group of people who dedicate their time and talent year round to make sure Applefest is a success, while also attending other community events here in La Crescent, and in the surrounding area.

Feel Free to join Applefest at their monthly meetings, held the first Wednesday of every month, at 6:30pm.


Meeting locations for 2024 are located:

5/1/2024 – Community Center

6/5/2024 – Wieser Pavilion
7/2/2024 – 6605 County Road 6, La Crescent
8/7/2024 – Wieser Pavilion
9/4/2024 – Wieser Pavilion
10/2/2024 – Wieser Pavilion
11/6/2024 – Wieser Pavilion
12/4/2024 – Wieser Pavilion

If you would like to address the board, contact the president to be added to the agenda at