Board of Directors

A special group of people dedicate their time and talent year round to making sure Applefest is a success, while also attending other community events here in La Crescent, and in the surrounding area.

That special group of people: The Board of Directors.  Next time you see them out, tell them about a special time you have had in La Crescent, they love to hear stories about what makes our community so great!

2023 Applefest Board Members

  • President: Mandi 
  • Vice President: Trever 
  • Treasurer: Kailey 
  • Secretary: Justine 
  • Director: Vickie 
  • Director: Kim 
  • Director: Ryan 
  • Director: Christina 
  • Director: Nikki 
  • Director: Amy 
  • Director: Heather 
  • Director: Kathy 
  • Director: David 
  • Director: Meagan 
  • Director: Lucas 
  • Director: Robin 


Feel Free to join Applefest at their monthly meetings, held the first Wednesday of every month, at 6:30pm. Meeting locations for 2023 are located at The Sport’s Hub. 

If you would like to address the board, contact the president to be added to the agenda at

If you have served on the board in the past, and would like to take a more active role again, please reach out to the Alumni Coordinator, Mary Grattan, who leads the amazing Hard Core Alumni group at