2012 Applefest Medallion Found!

WOW!! First clue and the medallion has been found!! Congrats Gary Hill! This must be a record!! The Houston County New’s Reports this:
Sadly, the Golden Medallion hunt has ended prematurely, but congratulations to Gary Hill. He found the medallion in an area he routinely checks each year. This year, it was found on the back of the La Crescent High School championship sign at the end of S. 14th St. Today’s first clue read, “It might be north, it may be south. It could be east or even west. The Golden Medallion hunt in 2012 will be the best. Enjoy the search, which will kick off the start of the 64th annual La Crescent Applefest.

The hunt was short–but fun for the family that found it!! Congratulations to Gary Hill and his grandkids….Logan, Alexis, Khloe Hill.